What about European passenger rights in the Locomore?

European passenger rights are also applicable for the Locomore. If the delay in your destination is more than 60 minutes, you have the right for a reimbursement of 25 % of the ticket price, if more than 4 Euro (if you have a return ticket of course, the 25 % counts only of the direction affected by the delay). A delay of 120 minutes, you have the right to have 50 % reimbursed. The If the amount is lower than 4 €, it won‘t be paid out.

Alternatively, if a delay of more than 60 minutes at your destination is to be expected, you may change to another train or bus. Attention: If you change to a train of another company, you need to buy a ticket first. Flixbus will then reimburse the price of this new ticket. Please respect the legally binding duty to avert, minimise or mitigate loss. The cheapest ticket should be chosen, this means for example, if time allows, to buy the ticket at the station, not on board of the train. Reductions must be accepted/used, also e.g. if you own a BahnCard. If you buy a 1st class ticket, only 2nd class will be reimbursed. Reservations won‘t be reimbursed.

The reimbursement may have the form of a voucher or disbursement.

Please send your request to service@flixbus.de.