Locomore operations and traffic

After Locomore's insolvency, who is now operating the Locomore train?

Locomore trains are now operated by the Czech railway undertaking LEO Express and its German subsidiary company LEO Express GmbH. LEO Express GmbH as well bought parts of the Locomore assets as well as concluded working contracts with the majority of the old Locomore team. Since Thursday, 24.8.2017, LEO Express GmbH is the new Locomore operator between Berlin and Stuttgart. LEO Express cooperates with FlixBus and Waggonpool, which belongs to former Locomore founders.

FlixBus is now responsible for marketing and distribution of tickets. You can buy tickets at https://flixbus.com/locomore.

Waggonpool purchased the brand and trademark „Locomore“ of the liquidator, and is now providing this website in cooperation with LEO Express GmbH.

Why don't you stop anymore in Hanover Hbf but instead in Hanover Messe/Laatzen and Lehrte?

With the timetable change on December 10th, 2017, DB Netz AG changed fundamentally its price and tariff system for slots and tracks. So far, an economy price existed. Locomore, not offering a cyclic schedule and less than four rides a day, could use this economy tariff, which was cheaper than for cyclic traffics. The economy price is now replaced by a point-to-point track price system following new criteria. In the view of DB Netz AG, which we don't share and which is disputable, our train is not allowed to go faster as 130 km/h in average between Berlin Zoo and Hanover Hbf to keep with the point-to-point track price. Our hitherto existing timetable, which stays more or less the same in 2018, depends on a higher average speed between these two stops. Unfortunately, DB Netz AG, while construction a new all-over timetable, was not able to offer us a new timetable which is slower between Berlin and Hanover and would allow to keep the old track economy track price. Due to the high network load DB Netz offered us only timetables which would have prolonged the travelling time for an hour. Faced with the choice to either keep Hanover Hbf and pay a much higher track price or prolonge travelling time considerably, we decided to start into the new timetable year without the stop in Hanover Hbf and instead stop in Hanover/Messe Laatzen and in Lehrte, but keep the appealing travelling times.

From our perspective, the new interpretation of the track price system by DB Netz AG is discriminating. It is currently examinated by the Federal Network Agency.

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Can I travel for free if I am severely handicapped or are there any discount?

Transport of severely handicapped people in short-distance traffic is subsidised. As FlixTrain is a long-distance train like IC, EC and ICE and the subsidies do not exist for long-distance traffic, severely handicapped people have no clain for transport free of charge in the FlixTrains.

For your attention: Regionalexpresse (RE) and InterRegioExpress (IRE) are, even if they sometimes travel longer distances, no long-distance trains.

If your pass allows to bring in long-distance traffic an assistant for free ("Merkzeichen B"), can do this as well in the FlixTrains.

Other discounts are not applicable, the FlixTrain tariff concept offers equally favourable prices for all passengers.

Do you still have the theme compartments?

FlixTrains offers only comfortclass. On board, you can choose freely if you prefer to travel in a classical compartment with 6 seats or in a modern open saloon with new leather seats.

The family space is still available. You find it in the service coachs, usually number 5. Here we offer more space for smaller kids as well as toys and books.

Is there Wi-Fi and are there power sockets on board?

Yes, most of our used coaches have Wi-Fi and power sockets. Additionally, we use former IR coaches. These coaches unfortunately do not have Wi-Fi and only partly sockets until summer 2019.